Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Race day (sorry its late)

With race day getting closer by the minute, on the 19th july we headed for pen y fan, we arrive around 8:30pm expecting to find the car park full but to our surprise found only a handful of cars. We had a quick look to see where we could bivi for the night once the midges had buggered off, we had a coffee and something to eat and at around 11:30 decided to get our heads down so off we went to our chosen spot, I think it was around 01:30 when I fell asleep under a star filled sky.
At 04:50 we woke up  to find a couple of other people around us with the same sleeping idea, once we packed up we headed back to the van for breakfast and to make any last minute weight changes before weighing and registration, I came in bang on weight but mark had to add a lb, collected my race number 593 (which i wasn't too happy about because I hate odd numbers) and little bag of treats. One last toilet stop and we were ready to go, so at 7:50 we joined our load bearing group ready to set off at 08:00 ken jones gave his pre race speech which if I'm honest I couldn't hear much of (but im sure it was good).
We finally set off 20 minutes late to the cheering and clapping of the clean fatigue participants,  which gave a great boost, we set off at a good pace but mark pulled away towards the summit of corn du and was waiting for me to catch up, from that point we ran to pen y fan, checked in at rv1 and moved on towards windy gap to drop off our extra 2ltrs of water (which was a god send).  we arrived at the half way point  together with a time of 2hrs 10mins, by this point I had run out of water and was shocked to find that mark had only taken around half a ltr.
We left the halfway point happy and at a pretty good pace but after around 500yds I told mark to carry on running as all I could manage was a fast tab, along the roman road I thought I had dropped right back, until that is when I looked up as I approached windy gap and saw mark only 30ft in front of me (much to his surprise). Jacobs ladder did what we thought it would, and it wasn't pleasant, I could feel my knee swelling with every step to the top and I think mark was even paying the price by the time we topped out.
Pen y fan  came and went and with about 1.5mile to go I gad started to sliw as my knee was getting worse and that's when mark remembered he had pain killers in his bag, now for some strange reason I thought they were chewy ones, they weren't but they did work. So 5hrs and 5 minutes after starting that morning we crossed the finish line together, collected our patches from ken with what I can only call a crazed smile on our faces (I think partly down to the pain killers).
When I signed up for the race it was for a laugh and a day in the hills, the thought of making friends from it never really entered my head but I have to admit the people I met and got to know (granted through mark) are some of the best people I have ever met, so thanks Mark for entering with me and thanks to my new friends for the words of encouragement.
On that note I'll hopefully see you all again at the red phone box in January for the winter edition and just a quick one to mark, try to keep up bruv.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Fan dance

Easy run

So last nights run went well, didn't break any records as far as distance or time goes but was still good. I decided to go back to where I used to live which is basically on a mountain, I did 3.12miles in 48 minutes with 38lbs and 3ltr of water, may try another place tonight or just head back up there. One good thing to come from it, my knee's feel fine and my new vulcan 2 is lovely and comfortable.

Friday, 5 July 2013

Run to work with 18kg

I just completed an activity with RunKeeper http://runkeeper.com/activity?userId=4838466&trip=204259947

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Fan dance practice run

So, after quite some time of no reel training (or any training for that matter) my brother (who has been training) and I decided to do a practice run to see if we could do any better than our last attempt which didnt turn out too well to say the least. With rucksacks packed as close to the minimum weight required of 35lb, mine weighing in at 34 and marks at 37 before the 3 ltrs of water and any food needed. The plan was to make the run then head back up to llyn cwm llwych for a nights wild camp, we set off from the red phone box at storey arms at a good fast walking pace and then ran any downhill and flat sections with some strange looks from anyone we passed, later mark told me that comments along the lines of "oh my god he must be crazy" were being made by passers byas he was running behind me. At exactly 2hrs we made it to the halfway/turnaround point, a whole 20 minutes faster than previousat that point a handfull of harribos were scoffed on along with a energey gel, after 10 minutes we started off again traight into a run which lasted all of about 50 yards before returning back to a fast walk. By the time we got onto the roman road my feet felt like they were falling apart as the new boots I was wearing had no reel padding in the soles (I dont think mil-tek tactical boots are designed for this), from that point things started to hurt, from feet to knees to thighs, mark on the o5her hand seemed to be fine, so I doug down and went for it knowing that we had to at least get off the mountain and may as well try and make a good time, after all the whole idea of the fan dance is about commitment and finding that inner strength to finish and not just give up. Jacobs ladder was taken slowly as was the walk back down, I couldnt run with the amount of pain coming from my feet and legs, and so we finally got back to the red phone box in a time of 5hrs 35mins, 3 hrs quicker than our previous attempt, so wet through to the skin and freezing cold to point of shivering uncontrollably and with wet sleeping kit we decided against the slog back up to our chosen camp location and headed home happy with the effort we had made. One thing I learnt on this trip, lightweight tactical boots may be super comfy at first but in my experience dont stay like that so I'll be going back to my meindl borneo's for race day, I just need to get a few practice runs done in them first, energy gels work rather well as do harribos. Personally I think with these things ironed out a time of 5hrs 10mins should be easily achievable. Hopefully I wont leave it so long till the next update.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

No weights

I just completed an activity with RunKeeper http://runkeeper.com/activity?userId=4838466&trip=169112021 . Just a quick one tonight with no weights

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Lazy days

So since the last time I posted I think I've ran twice, been rather lazy even though I know I cant afford to be(it's a lack of determination on my part) . Saying that I did run from work yesterday with 13.5kg in 27:30s (the route I use according to run keeper is 2.66 miles), I did stop to walk 3 times though didn't really need to, am hoping to run tonight (hill reps), but if I don't I'm going to make sure I do tomorrow.